What Can Socialot do for your business?

Keep all your contact info in one place. Never miss a follow up. Find and engage all your contacts on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter — directly from their contact page.

Socialot™ is a social contact management system and social media marketing tool. It was designed specifically for small businesses by small business owners. That means we focus on what small businesses need most: contact engagement that is simple, fast, and influences bottom line sales.

  • Keep track of all your contact information online − email, addresses, and follow ups
  • Share content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Flickr − all without leaving the simple online system
  • Import all your contacts from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Excel, or directly from your website
  • Monitor what people are saying about your company and share good reviews
  • Record all social contacts, interactions and email messages on a per-lead basis
  • Archive your staff's social media conversations with your clients and prospects

We are a small business just like you.

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Why Socialot?

  • Super easy to use − because you don't have time to learn anything else
  • No more keeping contacts in Excel or losing track of emails − we keep everything in one web-based system
  • Finally use social media effectively − Socialot immediately searches for each of your contacts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter so you can comment on their most recent posts, all without leaving their contact page
  • We're a small business too. Have a question? Call the owner at 713-498-9642. We care about your feedback.

Who Uses Socialot?

Anyone who wants to foster customer loyalty or connect with prospects on an ongoing basis. Socialot is perfect for:
  • consultants
  • community organizers
  • fitness instructors
  • hairstylists and salons
  • home contractors
  • sales people and salesforces
  • mortgage brokers
  • marketing and PR reps
  • ministers and church leaders
  • mom-and-pops
  • moving companies
  • small non-profits
  • realtors
  • restaurants
  • local retail shops
  • any small B2B or B2C business

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